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18 hours ago

Naval Special Warfare operating Jet Skis

Ever wondered how the Navy would pluck wounded special forces operators from an enemy beach, fast? Naval Special Warfare Command’s love of the humble Jet Ski has gone under the radar for many years.
Aug 19, 2019

Cathay Pacific Defeated By Propaganda

A propaganda campaign against Cathay Pacific blended the trivial, conspiratorial and patently false to portray Cathay having a systemic safety problem while the mere presence of foreign employees created an anti-China mindset in the company.
Aug 18, 2019

The World's Largest Electric Ferry Has Completed Its Maiden Voyage

The world's largest all-electric ferry, named E-ferry Ellen, made its first trip early this morning, connecting the ports of Søby and Fynshav, on the islands of Ærø and Als, in southern Denmark. The ship, capable of carrying 30 vehicles and 200 passengers, is powered by a 4.3MWh battery system.
Aug 18, 2019

Apollo XI - A Wasted Legacy?

The United States, and indeed much of the world, has spent the summer celebrating the 50th anniversary of the first manned lunar landing.
Aug 16, 2019

Where The Space Force Finds Innovation

Both sides of the space economy now see the necessity and are ready to engage again in a more fulsome discussion about the Space Force. Government policy must be readdressed as it will have profound implications for the direction a Space Force in defending America and its ally's interests.
Aug 9, 2019

Why China Can't Target U.S. Aircraft Carriers

Some observers have warned that the survival of the world’s biggest warships will be at risk in an era of long-range, precision-guided anti-ship missiles and hypersonic weapons. But you can't strike what you can't see. Here's why it's surprisingly difficult to find and track U.S. carriers.
Aug 5, 2019

Danger Lies Ahead After Trump And Putin Kill The INF Treaty

With INF officially dead, if the Trump administration pulls out of the last remaining bilateral arms control treaty with Russia, New START, the last load-bearing strand of the nuclear safety net will be severed. That leaves us with deterrence. Here's why that's a recipe for rising nuclear danger.
Jul 31, 2019

If You Think Uber Is Not A Space Company, Think Again

Believe it or not, our lives are completely intertwined and dependent upon space systems in ways you might not think. If we were to go a day without space, we would be forced to revert to a lifestyle fashioned before the 1980s, when we first began to commercially exploit the space domain.
Jul 30, 2019

Economics Shouldn't Determine U.S.-Saudi Arms Sales

Yesterday, after the Senate failed to override President Trump’s vetoes of three resolutions that would have blocked U. S. arms sales to Saudi Arabia, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), tweetedthe following “I wonder why Donald Trump vetoed our historic legislation to end U. S. involvement in the bruta...
Jul 25, 2019

Boeing To Increase 777 Freighter Production As Result Of 777X Delays

While the short-term is clouded by trade wars and declining air freight, airlines are looking at long-term opportunity with their current freighters aging. Likely 777 freighter buyers also have 737 MAXs or 777Xs on order. Could freighter sales become compensation for other aircraft program delays?
Jul 23, 2019

JetBlue To Delta At Boston Logan: Come And Get Us

JetBlue President Joanna Geraghty claims the airline isn't worried about Delta’s plan to build a competing hub at Boston Logan, saying that JetBlue is pursuing a strategy that's winning big with local customers.