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2 hours ago

The Broadcast Networks Fall Short At The 71st Primetime Emmy Awards

Given the shortage of nominations for the broadcast networks this year, which has been a pattern since the rise of cable and now the digital streamers, there was no reason to expect any of the Big 3 broadcasters (ABC, CBS or NBC) to make much of a presence in the winner’s circle this year.
2 hours ago

Creating Lifelong Healthy Eaters With A Clean Label Supply Chain

Clean label products have as few ingredients as possible and a supply chain that makes it easy to trace all of them. In a recent interview, Kristin Groos Richmond, CEO and co-founder of Revolution Foods, shared how the company is creating lifelong healthy eaters through a clean label supply chain.
7 hours ago

The Saudi Oil Shock: Who Wins, Who Loses

On September 14th, drones targeted Saudi Arabia's Abqaiq oil refinery and Khurais oil field, destroying over half of Saudi Arabia's output. Brent crude prices surged 15% from September 13th to 16th. Elevated crude prices raise the obvious question: what countries are the biggest winners and losers?