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10 hours ago
What Were They Thinking: The 'Best' Worst Interview Stories
During a job interview, candidates should be the most aware of what they’re saying. However, there have been countless times when people (including experienced executives) sabotage themselves by what they say and do in an interview. This post explores some common interview blunders I've seen.
10 hours ago
Venture Capital Desperately Needs More Governance
Venture capital remains a “Wild West” where rule-breaking is a foundational principle. It's time to embrace more education and industry best practices so that we can protect the public and properly train the next generation of investors. Governance may be boring, but we need more of it.
14 hours ago
Why The Private Sector Must Help Refugees
The mammoth task of integrating refugees is currently largely undertaken by the public sector. It's long past time for the private sector to do it's part, if not for moral reasons then because helping refugees can help companies themselves.