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3 hours ago
Banks Have Thrown $1 Trillion at Digital. Do Shareholders Care?
Banks have invested $1 trillion in technology over the past four years on digital transformation initiatives; the real change they are experiencing is cost efficiency rather than revenue growth. Next step: banks should shift into growth mode by focusing on expanding their balance sheets.
8 hours ago
Intuit's CIO Helps Drive Big Data For The Little Guy
Atticus Tysen is the CIO of Intuit, and has developed a product orientation to the department. He also has been of the leaders who has advanced the company from a box software company to a cloud-based product company to an artificial intelligence company. He describes all of this and more herein.
10 hours ago
S&P 500 Sets A New Record High. Is This Another Bull Trap?
As the S&P 500 reached a new record high today, analysts all over the media are once again enthusiastic. This is incredibly similar to what was seen in April just before the market plunge in May. Could the latest rally be just another trap for the bulls?