2019 CMO Summit


Nov 13–15, 2019


Dana Point, CA



About the Event

From Promise To Practice
Moving from talk to action in an era of CMO accountability for authenticity, trust, purpose, cultural dialogue, human connection, technological innovation and business growth.

Join us as we come together to celebrate marketing innovation, thought leadership, the new dynamics of brand engagement, CMO influence and our tech-driven future at the 15th Annual Forbes CMO Summit. At our exclusive, invitation-only gathering of the world’s top marketing leaders, you’ll gain valuable insights from your peers and premier speakers, the opportunity for dialog and ideas-sharing, and a chance to explore the new frontiers of marketing, advertising and brand-building. You’ll leave inspired to create change and test the boundaries of what’s possible as you drive not just brand but business growth.


  • Rick Gomez

    Rick Gomez

    EVP and Chief Marketing and Digital Officer

    Target Corporation

  • Carla Hassan

    Carla Hassan

    Chief Brand Officer


  • Tony Weisman

    Tony Weisman

    Chief Marketing Officer

    Dunkin' Brands

  • Gretchen Saegh-Fleming

    Gretchen Saegh-Fleming

    Chief Marketing Officer


  • Kristina Heney

    Kristina Heney

    Chief Marketing Officer

    Cirque du Soleil Entertainment Group

  • Christine Paige

    Christine Paige

    Chief Marketing Executive, SVP, Marketing & Digital Services

    Kaiser Permanente

  • Martyn Etherington

    Martyn Etherington

    Chief Marketing Officer


  • Ziad Ahmed

    Ziad Ahmed

    Cofounder & Chief Executive Officer

    JUV Consulting

  • Nadia Masri

    Nadia Masri

    Founder & Chief Executive Officer


  • Lorraine Barber-Miller

    Lorraine Barber-Miller

    Chief Marketing Officer


  • Mo Katibeh

    Mo Katibeh

    President & Chief Marketing Officer, AT&T Business


  • Jacqueline Parkes

    Jacqueline Parkes

    Chief Marketing Officer & EVP, Digital Studios

    MTV, VH1, CMT and Logo Group

  • Travis Montaque

    Travis Montaque

    Chief Executive Officer


  • Brandice Daniel

    Brandice Daniel

    Founder & Chief Executive Officer

    Harlem's Fashion Row

  • Minjae Ormes

    Minjae Ormes

    Chief Marketing Officer


  • Kieran Hannon

    Kieran Hannon

    Chief Marketing Officer


  • Marisa Thalberg

    Marisa Thalberg

    Chief Brand Officer & Strategic Advisor

    Yum! Brands

  • Jeron Smith

    Jeron Smith

    Chief Executive Officer

    Unanimous Media

  • Kevin Thompson

    Kevin Thompson

    Chief Marketing Officer

    Sotheby’s International Realty Affiliates LLC


From Promise To Practice
This year the focus of the summit will be on the move from talk to action—how CMOs’ goals and promises of recent years are coming to fruition. Priority will be getting on stage concrete, real-world examples/case studies of how CMOs are accomplishing their objectives internally (within their marketing organizations), externally (in the broader advertising, marketing and brand industry), and in culture and society.

Potential Topics:

Role of the CMO Now
Marketing as a growth driver – how are the top CMOs measuring and driving revenue.

Customer Experience
Focus on the customer: Who owns the CX, and how best to create completely seamless experiences?

Talent First
A look at new strategies in identifying, hiring and retaining the most needed talent.

Digital Transformation: Where are we now?
What does the marketing organization of the future look like?

Next-Level Tech
A look at how certain marketers are adopting all kinds of unique tech to advance marketing strategy.

Our 5G Future
How will it change things? Who will win? What do marketers need to know?

Use of AI in Marketing
A look at real-world case studies.

CMO Next
A conversation with the next generation of CMOs and how they are redefining the role

U30 Disruptors
A conversation with the young people leading the marketing-industry revolution.

Diversity and Inclusion in the Marketing Industry
A conversation about what’s being done from the inside out.

The Culture Imperative
Why now, more than ever, the business and culture that the CMO creates internally is imperative for future growth.

Purpose First
Why a company’s raison d’etre is paramount at a time of intense social, political, cultural, and environmental change.

Cannabis Capitalism
A look at the new wave of cannabis-company marketing and the CMOs at the helm.

Growth Marketing
What does it mean for the various company stages (mature, vs early stage, etc.).

B2B vs. B2C
It’s no longer mutually exclusive, but rather all inclusive.


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