Green Tech Now

14 hours ago

Can AI Save Our Oceans? Let's Start With The Data.

Exciting innovations in AI for the ocean's benefit. This series will showcase the power of technology, and AI to restore and regenerate our oceans. When it comes to ocean data, the information is overwhelming, unavailable and always fragmented. Making sense of data is the key to creating solutions.
24 hours ago

How Does Everyone Feel About Climate Change?

Countries in Europe and the U.S. agree climate change is happening, but don’t really believe it will dramatically impact their lives. The rest of the world feels the opposite, especially in the East and Middle East. Of course, these latter countries are the least able to deal with those changes.
Sep 16, 2019

Frankfurt Motor Show Futurism, From Audi, Mercedes and BMW

While motor shows are losing their edge with products launching online, the Frankfurt Motor Show still excited with a display of futuristic concept cars - Audi AI:TRAIL, Mercedes Vision EQS, BMW Concept 4 - painting a compelling picture for driving the electric future