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10 hours ago
S&P 500 Sets A New Record High. Is This Another Bull Trap?
As the S&P 500 reached a new record high today, analysts all over the media are once again enthusiastic. This is incredibly similar to what was seen in April just before the market plunge in May. Could the latest rally be just another trap for the bulls?
11 hours ago
What You Can Learn From My 50% Loss
I was a young equity analyst at one of the largest mutual fund firms in the country. It was the week before Christmas in 2002, and my most important stock recommendation to the firm’s portfolio managers had just declined by 50%. In one day.
Jun 21, 2019
Hedge Fund Myth
Never go for average with hedge funds—go for the best. The dispersion between the best-performing hedge fund managers and worse-performing hedge fund managers is just too large.