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Marco Rubio’s 'Common Good Capitalism' Is Just What We Need

Senator Rubio, his Republican allies, and Democratic counterparts need to collaborate on a combination of legislative and regulatory reforms, coupled with more assertive use of their oversight authority, to ensure that common good capitalism becomes a reality.

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8 hours ago

Are You A Thinking Leader?

Bad leaders react. Good leaders plan. Great leaders think. And revolutionary leaders — the sort of leaders who transform not just companies, but entire industries — think differently. The question is: What sort of leader are you?
13 hours ago

The Rise And Fall Of The Technology Companies

Glassdoor’s 2020 league table reflects a trend that, regardless of criticism of its methodology, clearly shows the declining appeal of most of the large technology companies. Something has clearly gone wrong.
13 hours ago

Alternative data. What is it, who uses it and why is it interesting?

In the world of investing, money managers are searching high and low for new sources of information which may provide an untapped source for creating Alpha. These data sources are called Alternative Data because they are beyond the typical company filings, earnings calls, or fundamental datasets.
15 hours ago

Peloton’s Ad Bombed. Now What?

With the benefit of hindsight, Peloton can and should recover from the self-inflicted wounds of a painfully flawed Christmas ad. After all, Peloton does deliver a valued brand promise and generates healthy margins on expensive hardware and recurring subscription revenue.