Forbes Elite Investor

How would you like it if legendary forecaster Gary Shilling revealed to you his outlook on the global landscape and the investment themes that could make you measurably richer in the year ahead?

What if Taesik Yoon handed you a new, "overlooked" stock every month that had the potential to deliver safe, double-digit gains regularly?

Suppose Richard Lehmann steered you to the best bond and corporate default opportunities in America today?

Imagine if John Dobosz led you to sizzling options trades that pumped income into your pockets, like clockwork?

What if you could talk to these and more than two dozen other experts about ANY financial or investing topic on your mind … conveniently, exclusively and privately?

Wouldn't that give you a tremendous advantage in building and protecting your wealth?

That's why we’re excited to invite you to become a member in what is surely the most prestigious "club" for investors in the world—Forbes Elite Investor.

Why this club?

There is no other organization quite like Forbes Elite Investor.

No other club that unlocks the door for its members with the full breadth and scope of Forbes expertise in one place … at one time.

But why—for the first time in the history of Forbes—are we establishing this club NOW?

It all started in 1954.

That's when Malcolm Forbes, Steve’s father, searched for a way for he and a close circle of fellow investors to find new opportunities to invest in the American Dream.

In those days, it was not uncommon for "gentlemen of investing" to come together for an evening and enjoy a good cigar, a fine glass of wine, and discuss ways to increase their fortunes.

Out of those discussions emerged Special Situation Survey—one of the most successful publications of all time and still going strong more than 60 years after its inception. During the past six decades, SSS racked up an incredible track record that consistently beat the S&P 500 and generated double-digit gains for investors, safely and steadily.

In short, it became a club for elite investors to profit handsomely year after year after year.

Fast-forward, 63 Years Later

We always wanted to duplicate that club concept—the virtual equivalent of allowing a select group of dedicated investors to meet with and learn from and build wealth alongside the best brains in the Forbes family of experts.

Out of this came Forbes Elite Investor.

As a member, you can leverage your exclusive benefits to enlarge your money-making apparatus … have access to dozens of new ways to generate steady income, high returns, fat yields … learn how to manage and even avoid risk … and pick the brains of some of the world's most astute, plugged in, deft investment masters.

Plus, you'll meet and confer with giants of investing in private, closed-door cordial gatherings that are off limits to the general public.

Forbes Elite Investor literally opens up the unmatched power of the Forbes global team and hands you an unparalleled assortment of tools.

Come see what you get…

Access To All Forbes Publications

You get full and complete access to EVERY investment newsletter published by Forbes—all 23 publications.

As a member, you get qualified, credible advice that you can act on from experts with a documented and verified history of making money for their followers and readers … in almost every kind of sector … in almost every kind of investment vehicle.

Take a look…

If you’re passionate about stocks, you’ll find all you need in the issues of:

Forbes Special Situation Survey: Edited by Taesik Yoon.
The legendary advisory that started it all. Bringing investors the best ONE stock a month… every month. Last year alone, subscribers enjoyed a 20.7% gain, compared to a gain of just 9.5% for the S&P 500.
Regularly $695. Member's Price: Included

Forbes Real Estate Investor: Edited by Brad Thomas.
Forbes’ newest publication uncovering little-known yet highly lucrative REIT stocks.
Regularly $199. Member's Price: Included

Forbes Dividend Investor: Edited by John Dobosz.
Not your average dividend newsletter, this advisory identifies undervalued stocks that generate double-digit yields and double-digit returns. In 2016, the Forbes Dividend Investor Top 25 portfolio produced a total return of 19.2%, outdoing the 12.0% return of the S&P 500.
Regularly $199. Member's Price: Included

The Turnaround Letter: Edited by George Putnam.
Unusual in its focus and stellar in its performance, this 28-year old advisory focuses on extraordinary turnaround and distressed companies. Ranked #1 by Hulbert.
Regularly $195. Member's Price: Included

Validea Hot List: Edited by John Reese.
Market beating investing system and model portfolio based on the fundamental stock-picking strategies of Warren Buffett, Peter Lynch, Ben Graham and other great investors.
Regularly $199.95. Member's Price: Included

Forbes Investor: Edited by Taesik Yoon.
One of our most popular newsletters, it gives investors two undervalued stocks a month that are projected to pop within the next 6 – 18 months. A consistent top performer from the same brilliant mind that brings you Special Situation Survey.
Regularly: $197. Member's Price: Included

David Fried's Buyback Letter: Edited by David Fried.
Warren Buffett is a big proponent of stock buybacks. This advisory focuses on which company buybacks are worth your salt.
Regularly $125. Member's Price: Included

Hedge Fund Wisdom
A quarterly newsletter that reveals what top hedge funds are buying and selling today and why.
Regularly $299.99. Member's Price: Included

The Chartist: Edited by Dan Sullivan.
Uses a buy high, sell higher strategy.
Regularly $290. Member's Price: Included

David Fried's Buyback Letter—Premium Edition: Edited by David Fried.
The only investment newsletter that takes advantage of the most solid buyback stocks available.
Regularly $699. Member's Price: Included

Shortex: Edited by Joseph Parnes.
Provides insightful strategies for bull and bear markets with 7 long and 7 short positions every month.
Regularly $299. Member's Price: Included

Jack Adamo's Insiders Plus: Edited by Jack Adamo.
Tracks insider-created opportunities.
Regularly $300. Member's Price: Included

Gilder Telecosm Forum: Edited by George Gilder.
An online community where hundreds of investors, entrepreneurs, engineers and money managers, including George Gilder, gather daily to share investment advice.
Regularly $199. Member's Price: Included

Investment Quality Trends: Edited by Kelley Wright.
Focuses on the highest quality dividend-paying stocks.
Regularly: $265. Member's Price: Included

Forbes Billionaire's Portfolio: Edited by Bryan Rich.
Invest like the Forbes billionaires you’ve been reading about for decades. You don’t need millions of dollars. You simply need a brokerage account. By following the lead of legendary investors like Carl Icahn, who have the power and influence to control their own destiny when they buy stocks, Forbes Billionaire's Portfolio has empowered its subscribers to manage their money just like billionaires. Its exited campaigns average 57% gains.
Regularly: $$1,188. Member's Price: Included

If it’s diversification you’re looking for, you will find top funds and ETFs in these advisories:

NoLoad FundX: Edited by Janet Brown.
Highly ranked by Hulbert, this advisory is one of just three newsletters to beat the market since 1980. Now that’s longevity.
Regularly $149. Member's Price: Included

All Star Investor: Edited by Ron Rowland.
Covers exchange-traded funds, mutual funds, and provides advice on active investment management.
Regularly $199. Member's Price: Included

No-Load Mutual Fund Selections & Timing: Edited by Stephen L. McKee.
Focuses on superior returns using a marketing-beating mutual fund strategy.
Regularly $180. Member's Price: Included

Want income and safety? Then check out:

Forbes/Lehman Income Securities Investor: Edited by Richard Lehmann.
A giant in the bonds advisory space, this newsletter provides access to the safest and highest-yielding bonds, preferred stocks, convertibles and MLPs.
Regularly $195. Member's Price: Included

Distressed Municipal Debt: Edited by Richard Lehmann.
Get institutional-grade, comprehensive and hard-to-find updates on distressed municipal bonds and corporate defaults. Absolutely one of its kind.
Regularly $495. Member's Price: Included

Excited about options? We got that covered, too:

Forbes Premium Income Report: Edited by John Dobosz.
If you’re a reckless trader, this is not for you. Forbes’ very first options advisory is designed to provide investors with conservative options for outsized income. And has a fantastic performance to boot. Since 2014 the advisory has racked up 31.9% average annualized gains--more than triple the 10.2% returns for the S&P 500. And so far in 2017 John’s readers are scoring wins on 90 out of 90 closed trades, a 100% win rate! Regularly $695. Member's Price: Included

The Option Strategist: Edited by Lawrence McMillan.
Focuses on hedged and speculative option strategies in stocks, indices and futures.
Regularly $265. Member's Price: Included

If you're a "big picture" kind of investor that wants context and investing themes (who doesn’t), check out:

Gary Shilling's Insight: Edited by A. Gary Shilling.
The ultimate antidote to the 117-character, distracted superficial reading. Each issue of Insights is a massive, 40-page avalanche of the most incisive, big-picture advice from one of the forecasting giants of our time.
Regularly $339. Member's Price: Included

Being a Charter Member when you enroll here is like having your own "investor insurance!"

Here's why:

You get advice and insights from top experts in practically every kind of investing sector. It would cost you hundreds and maybe thousands of dollars to consult with these experts individually—if that was even possible. But as a Charter Member, you get their up-to-date advice on market conditions regularly.

You increase your money-making potential substantially by getting informed perspectives on a wide range of investment vehicles: ETFs, bonds, equities, DRIP plans, dividend-paying companies, options, REITs, hedge funds, emerging technologies, and more.

You get clear signals on when to buy and when to sell to maximize your returns and minimize your risks.

You get e-mail reminders whenever new newsletters and alerts are issued to help you manage and organize your time and membership easily.

You get digital access to all 23 publications for added convenience and flexibility. You can access the newsletters whenever and wherever you want to fit your lifestyle and investing needs.

YES, that’s 23 publications to date, but your membership extends beyond that. Any and all future newsletters that Forbes adds to its stable are also INCLUDED. Your membership grows as we grow.

Forbes Magazine Subscription
You get Forbes magazine—arguably the most respected business and finance magazine in the world. Filled with lively, informed reporting on the people and the companies and the trends and regulations that have a significant impact on your life, as well as context and analysis for a uniquely informed perspective. Plus, you'll get our famous Special Issues—"must know" lists of the richest people, powerful women, biggest companies—that people around the world eagerly wait for and debate about every year.

Every Investment Report
You get exclusive reports on topics and stories not covered in the regularly published newsletters. Add to your knowledge and expertise with in-depth supplementary reports on critical subjects.

Dedicated Concierge Service
As part of your membership, you'll get the services of our exclusive Forbes Elite Investor Concierge who will gladly help you with any membership matter, from benefits to membership fees to accessing all your privileges. Once you enroll, you'll receive a dedicated phone number and e-mail address.

As a member in Forbes Elite Investor, you gain a preeminent advantage to enhance your wealth-building and knowledge base by an order of magnitude.

Membership Dues
Forbes Elite Investor is not for everyone. It was designed for a certain type of investor. One who is fiercely independent, refuses to treat his investments casually and wants in-depth access to today’s top investment minds.

Only YOU can tell if it's right for you.

There are other clubs for investors run by other advisories and publishers.

We’re sure they have their good points … but none of them have the worldwide resources, outstanding track record, and family of top-echelon investment experts that you find with Forbes Elite Investor.

And none of them offer you access to the mammoth number of publications that Forbes Elite Investor does—all 23 of our investment newsletters.

Yet some of these clubs charge $10,000 or more to join.

But you won't pay $10,000 for Forbes Elite Investor.

Or even half that amount.

The price for a one-year membership in Forbes Elite Investor … with full rights, privileges, and benefits … is a reasonable $4,995.

As an additional benefit … we'll take the balance of any Forbes investing publications that you already subscribe to and apply the remaining dollar amount to the total value of your membership dues

We've also arranged two convenient payment options:

Payment Option #1: You can pay the full amount at one time and save almost $1,000.

Payment Option #2: If you prefer to pay on a month-by-month basis, we'll bill your credit card just $499 a month (or $5,988 total).

Before you decide, there’s more in store for you…

Try your membership for FREE

While we believe that Forbes Elite Investor provides unparalled benefits, it is possible that the club may not be for you in the long run.

We want you to have the opportunity to "test drive" your membership without risk or penalty.

If you enroll today, you will have 5 FULL DAYS to try Forbes Elite Investor absolutely FREE.

That’s not a typo. We will not bill your credit card for the next five days while you sample Forbes Elite Investor with our compliments.

In the unlikely event that Forbes Elite Investor does not live up to your expectations, you are protected by Forbes’ Iron-clad Satisfaction Guarantee. You can cancel your membership at any time and receive a pro-rated refund on your membership fee.

We can't think of anything fairer than that, can you?

The choice is yours…

The way we see it, you have three choices:

1. You can do nothing and simply ignore this invitation.

2. You can continue investing the way you've been doing all along and hope for the best.


3. You can take full advantage of the benefits of Forbes Elite Investor and learn directly from some of the most astute, successful, profitable and SMARTEST moneymen in the world … as well as take advantage of the unparalleled global resources of the entire Forbes community … and expand your financial independence for you and your loved ones.

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