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Three Credit Score Myths That Are Wildly Untrue

The reality is that credit cards aren’t going anywhere, and that they play a large role in determining your credit score – a critical factor when it comes to getting the lowest possible interest rate on your mortgage or auto loan. Heres's 3 myths about credit cards that you need to know.

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9 hours ago

This Is The Real Reason Your Family Struggles Financially

A report by the JPMorgan Chase Institute explains why it’s so difficult for families to plan for their monthly expenses. The problem arises because household expenses fluctuate by nearly $1,300 or 29% month-to-month. This makes planning hard because spending patterns are nearly unpredictable.
Oct 21, 2019

Why It Might Be Time To Ditch Your Bank

After reviewing your bank’s fees, you may decide to look for greener pastures. Fortunately, there’s a growing number of alternatives to the traditional high-fee bank. Each has their own unique set of pros and cons, depending on your needs:
Oct 21, 2019

4 Strong-Buy High-Yield REITs

Whenever we recommend a stock as a “strong buy” we believe that there’s potential for the shares to return at least 25 percent over the next twelve months.