Sleep In A Wool Hut And Other Adventures In Skåne, Sweden

If you’re looking to experience a countryside escape in Europe, then Skåne, Sweden should be at the top of your list. The region is ripe with opportunity to take unbelievable photos: from rolling hills, colorful, abandoned barns, and windmills creating an ethereal backdrop to an orange sunset. The southernmost region of Sweden will surprise you in its adventure and nature offerings: you can forage for wild mushrooms; ride water bikes on a tranquil lake; and even sleep overnight on an organic farm. Here are 5 adventures not to be missed:

Nyrups Naturhotell

Sleep in a Wool Hut

Deep in the Swedish beech forest, the Nyrups Naturhotell offers an electricity-free escape for those that need to unplug. The hotel has six wool huts, handmade in Mongolia and equipped with wooden floors and insulated by felted wool. Enjoy dinner and breakfast cooked together with your neighbors, outdoors over an open fire. At night, you navigate the property by oil lamp and watch the stars under the shade of complete darkness.

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Go Foraging in the Forest

If you ever wanted to experience living off the land, then you can forage in the forest and mix natural ingredients in a meal over an open fire. With the Edible Country Lunch excursion in Skåne, the menu is composed by Michelin-star chef Titti Qvarnström, and you will create the meal with a personal guide. The co-owner of Nyrups, Camille, could be your local guide and show you where to pick edible plants, fruit, and mushrooms, including dandelion, acorns, bluebells, mantles, and wild blackberries. You will learn how edible mushrooms grow near birch trees, and source wild nettles, which are good for whole body strength.

Red Bird Water Cycling

Bike Ride on a Lake

Bike plus lake equals bike riding on the water. Seamus McManus is the owner of Red Bird Water Cycling and will meet you at Lake Sövde and guide you through the experience of water biking. Some of the sights to see are local fishermen, country homes that flank the lake, and birdwatching local species that feed off the water. After burning calories, have lunch on a picnic bench on the lake, which could include local herring from a local fishing village with seaweed caviar and deviled eggs. Also, ask to try Skåne local bread, skandki kavring.

Have a 2-Hour Spa Experience

The spa hotel, Ystad Saltsjöbad is located on the rocky and scenic Ystad beach. The modern and stylish property from 1896 offers a once-in-a-lifetime Creek SPA Experience, where you and a partner or friend experience two hours of complete relaxation in an environment inspired by a tropical rainforest. The affordable, $65 experience incorporates four basic elements air, fire, earth and water into different stations you visit, like a hammam, steam room, dry sauna, foot bath, and mud mask.


Jog an Organic Farm

What better place to get some miles in than around an organic farm with the animal noises of pigs, cows, and sheep spurning you on? Ängavallen is located south of the city of Malmö and the owners pride themselves on everything being 100% organic and grown on the farm. You can easily get 5 miles or more in running around the farm and viewing the peaceful countryside as you explore the property. Afterwards, dress to have dinner at the property’s eco-restaurant, where the cuisine is guaranteed organic.

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