WWE Raw Results: News And Notes After Seth Rollins Apologizes

WWE Raw featured Seth Rollins continue his slow-burning heel turn as WWE once again tased an alliance between the former Universal champion and AOP.

Raw also saw Lashley and Lana arrested and sent to prison, while The Kabuki Warriors defeated Charlotte Flair in one of the better two-on-one matches you’ll ever see.

Last week’s edition of Raw drew its second-lowest non-holiday viewership in history. Up against a Monday Night Football game between two of the NFC’s best teams, as the Minnesota Vikings take on the Seattle Seahawks, Raw could be in for another historic low.

WWE Raw Viewership—Last Five Weeks:

  • November 25, 2019—2.109 million viewers
  • November 18, 2019—2.127 million viewers
  • November 11, 2019—2.058 million viewers
  • November 4, 2019—2.136 million viewers
  • October 28, 2019—2.133 million viewers

WWE Raw Key Competition: 

  • NFL Monday Night Football: Minnesota Vikings at Seattle Seahawks

From the Forbes WWE Vault:

WWE Total YouTube Viewership for WWE Raw Last Monday: 12,093,269 views (up from 7,896,533)

  • Most-Viewed: Rey Mysterio Dethrones US Champion AJ Styles (2,285,315 views) 
  • Least-Viewed: Akira Tozawa vs. Andrade (144,609 views)
  • Median Viewership: 420,747

Average WWE Attendance for “A City”: 9,235

Average WWE Raw Ticket Price at the Bridgestone Arena$73

Estimated Live Gate for WWE Raw: $674,155

WWE Raw Results: Monday, December 2, 2019

Opening Segment Featuring Seth Rollins’ Apology

Kevin! Seth is wearing black! Don’t accept his apology, you can’t trust him.

For lack of a better word, it appears Seth Rollins issued a retraction for last week’s statements.

AOP would represent a significant upgrade to Seth Rollins’ former security detail in J&J Security.

Kevin Owens def. Bobby Lashley via Disqualification

Between Lashley and Seth Rollins, nobody wants to admit they have anything to do with AOP.

Bobby Lashley has been a black man for over 40 years yet getting arrested in the south for no reason somehow surprised him.

Police arresting heels will never not get a massive pop in WWE.

Drew McIntyre def. Akira Tozawa

Nobody sells a beating better than Akira Tozawa, and few big men have better offense than Drew McIntyre, so this was a fun squash.

Let the record show that Drew McIntyre’s feud with Randy Orton is over a chop, prompting the possibility of the two to do battle this December in a Tables, Ladders and Chops match.

Drew McIntyre considers Randy Orton the past yet the two are only five years apart and had everything gone according to plan for McIntyre back in 2009, the two would be peers by now.

I got so excited at the possibility of a Randy Orton-Drew McIntyre feud, I forgot he was supposed to be feuding with Ricochet.

Aleister Black def. Tony Nese

When Aleister Black has matches against WWE Superstars who didn’t formally knock on his door to request a fight, the matches feel that much more random.

God love Tony Nese but it took far too long for Aleister Black to put him away.

Andrade def. Eric Young

Nobody looks more like a newborn baby than a bald Eric Young.

Vic Joseph noted Samoa Joe and Eric Young are familiar with one another, which is WWE speak for “you guys used to wrestle for TNA.”

Jerry Lawler that the Canadian Eric Young was wrestling in front of his hometown crowd in Nashville.

If R-Truth, as WWE 24/7 champion, is going to make the mistake of trusting anybody, he simply has to live with the consequences.

Erick Rowan def. No Way Jose

Seth Rollins is taking his own sweet time turning heel, meanwhile Jerry Lawler wasted no time burying No Way Jose during his entrance.

What’s to stop No Way Jose’s entourage from holding off Erick Rowan while at least one of them unveils his creature? There’s so many more of them!

The Kabuki Warriors vs. Charlotte Flair

WWE is stingier with its pyro than good parents are with candy.

If Charlotte Flair truly can beat the women’s tag team champions—and two former NXT women’s champions—by herself, then why even have a women’s tag team division? Why even have an NXT?!

It would have made my night if Charly Caruso understood every word of Asuka’s promo and asked a follow-up question in Japanese.

It took a while, but The Kabuki Warriors finally received their own unique theme music.

Samoa Joe referred to The Kabuki Warriors as mini Terminators, which is actually a superior name for their tag team.

That might have been the best two-on-one match I’ve ever seen in my life.

The Viking Raiders def. Mark Sterling and Mitchell Lyons

Throughout this match, The Viking Raiders kept screaming “are you watching?!” With a competitive Monday Night Football game between two playoff-caliber teams, I think we all know the answer to that question.

WWE’s Twitter feed issued a poll asking its fanbase which team would win this match. As of this writing, 25% of its fans selected Sterling and Lyons. Freaking trolls.

The O.C. def. Humberto Carrillo, Rey Mysterio and Ricochet

If it weren’t for Rey Mysterio, the babyface team would exclusively exist of guys whose careers suffered because they couldn’t get past AJ Styles.

Samoa Joe has been so good on commentary, even when he says WWE cliches they sound cool.

This match had more than enough action to not only keep a tired crowd awake, but make them go nuts before the end.

AJ Styles has quietly had a dominant win-loss record in 2019.

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