‘Destiny 2’ Season Of Dawn Reveal Coming Soon, Here’s When And What To Expect

Update: A trailer reveals a Cabal-themed expansion on Mercury, featuring Osiris and Saint-14

I’m nearly there on Undying. No, I don’t have enough medals for my Randy’s Throwing Knife, but aside from that I’m mostly good: at least on all of that limited time seasonal content that will expire as we move forward. Which is good timing, because that great ride that is Destiny 2 is about to lurch forward again with the Season of the Dawn, bringing with it a new season pass, new weapons and...other stuff, the likes of which we don’t quite know yet. This is a new sort of Season launch for the game: Season of the Undying launched around Shadowkeep and so it’s a bit hard to parse exactly how big that drop in itself was, but now we’re really going to get a look at what constitutes a Season in the post-Activision era.

The Season of the Dawn reveal comes tomorrow, December 4, at 10:00 AM Pacific Time.

During the reveal we can expect to get a sense of the plot of the season: we just finished up fighting the Vex off of the moon, so everyone’s favorite universe-eating AI will probably take a backseat for a little while. “Dawn” isn’t all that specific, so it’s a bit hard to know who exactly will constitute our solar system-threatening entity this time around, and I think we’ve probably had enough Hive for a hot second as well. The Fallen? I always like it when it’s The Fallen. The Scorn haven’t been utilized a ton recently, either, though they don’t seem very “Dawn” to me, for whatever reason.

We can also expect a preview of some of the loot we’ll be getting both alongside the battle pass and perhaps elsewhere, like the new seasonal ornaments and armor. Season of the Undying arguably had two central activities: the Vex Offensive and the Vex invasions on the moon, and we’ll definitely be getting replacements for those. Maybe a little bit more, as well? A raid activity of some sort is not an impossibility, though the team might save those for later in the year.

Trials of Osiris/The Nine is another big question mark: Bungie has talked about working with this in the past, and the PvP side of the community has been clamoring for its endgame activity back for quite some time. That would be a big win for grindable content, and PvP could use some Pinnacle drops.

We’ll see when the reveal goes live, so stay tuned.

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