This Holiday Cocktail Kit Comes With a Holiday ‘Feast’

If you want to pull off the perfect holiday gathering this year but don’t have time for all the prep, Cocktail Courier has partnered with meal kit service Cooked to make that process a ton easier. The duo have created a full-scale pre-prepared meal, complete with a cocktail pairing, that you can have delivered to your door. So, yes, you can have a fancy meal without ever hitting the grocery store.

The holiday “feast” was created by James Beard Award-winning Chef Jonathan Waxman and includes:

• 1 Savory Roast Chicken (3, 4lb chickens)

• 1 Side of Crispy Potatoes with Rosemary and Pecorino Romano (4lbs)

• 1 Side of Fresh Salsa Verde (16oz)

• 1 Side of Roasted Japanese Turnips & Multicolored Carrots (3lbs)

The drink involves a 375ml bottle of Grey Goose, and ingredients to make a cocktail called the “Winter star,” created by A-K Hada, it’s made with vodka, peach bitters, rosemary syrup, and tonic.

The whole thing is enough to serve eight (although with that 375ml bottle we’re presuming eight people who only want one drink), and is available for $200 through the end of the year, $20 of which is donated to Meals on Wheels.

While buying a cocktail and meal kit is great, this is also something you can definitely do on your own for less cash if you have the time to hit the store for some shopping and do a little cocktail planning. 

Flavors like rosemary and cranberry are particularly delicious around the holidays, and any good cocktail book will can help you find one that both you and your guests will adore.

And if you’ve got the food part of lock down but need some help in the cocktail department, Cocktail Courier also sells a number of one-off kits for around $50 that you can use to make holiday drinks happen.

Kits can be selected based on the spirit you’d like to be drinking, and once you figure out how to make that delicious drink you can buy or make more ingredients to make even more of it if you have friends who are likely to want more than one cocktail.

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