Is This Our First Look At Samsung's Revolutionary New Galaxy Fold Z?

Following its announcement in February, Samsung turned heads with the Galaxy Fold. Although the device never made it to the retail shelves, the South Korean company continues to work on the design and the idea of a folding smartphone.

And the team is not short of ideas it wants to try out. Last week saw a patent published for a smartphone with two folds in the display, offering a ‘Z Fold’ handset with a comfortably sized smartphone mode and an expansive widescreen tablet.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Z, concept image/render (

The team at LetsGoDigital has taken the details from the patent to put together an exclusive rendering of the presumptively named Galaxy Fold Z for Forbes:

The maximum screen size of this device is 3x the width of a contemporary telephone screen. This makes it a very versatile device. You actually have a smartphone, tablet and small PC in one. With the right hardware, it will therefore be an ideal device for multitasking, but of course also for watching a video or film.

Undoubtedly, attention will also be paid to mobile gaming. Smartphones are increasingly being used to play a game. With its large screen, this device is perfect for gaming.

Of course being a patent does not mean that the hinge technology on show here is ready for prime time. Samsung has struggled with a single fold Galaxy during 2019, so to double down and go for a double fold would be not only a risky move, but an incredibly expensive handset as well. That said, don;t be surprised if a successful relaunch of the Galaxy Fold means that this Fold Z design shows up as a concept phone at a major tech event such as CES or MWC in 2020.

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