Here Are The Best Apple Watch Deals For Your Cyber Monday 2019

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Apple Watch has quickly become one of the most popular Apple products in years. And for the vast majority of users, it can play an important role in improving their productivity or their health, or just keep them entertained.

But there are a slew of Apple Watch models currently available for customers to choose from. And although the Apple Watch isn’t the most expensive device in the world, it is notably more expensive than many of its competitors.

Realizing that, finding a good deal to help you get your hands on the Apple Watch is critical. But actually finding a good deal can be difficult.

Now that Cyber Monday is upon us, however, finding a good deal is easier than you think. And below, we’ll list the very best deals you can get on Apple Watch this holiday season.

Apple Watch Series 4

Apple Watch Series 4 is one of the nicer options for anyone looking for a new smartwatch. And now you can get it on the cheap, thanks to Best Buy.

For Black Friday, you can pick up the Apple Watch Series 4 at Best Buy, complete with your choice of color and band size. The device comes with a GPS and cellular finish, so you can use it as a phone when your smartphone isn’t nearby. And thanks to its waterproofing, you can even wear it while you swim.

Aside from tracking your basic activity, the Apple Watch Series 4 can help you take a breath and remember to meditate. And with support for a slew of both Apple and third-party apps, you can perform all kinds of tasks without ever needing to pick up your phone.

Apple Watch Series 4 with cellular and GPS usually goes for $699, but you can get it now for $399—a $300 savings.

Apple Watch Series 3

If the Apple Watch Series 4 is a little too expensive for your budget, consider the deal Walmart is offering on the Apple Watch Series 3.

Like the Apple Watch Series 4, you can also pick up an Apple Watch Series 3 with support for both GPS and cellular integration. That means you can use the smartwatch to track your movement around town, but also help you stay connected to the Web, even when your phone isn’t nearby.

The Apple Watch Series 3 runs on Apple’s WatchOS, so you’ll get the full list of first- and third-party apps you’d find in newer versions. And with help from swim-proofing, you can even use the Apple Watch Series 3 underwater while you swim.

Walmart typically sells the Apple Watch Series 3 for $379, but you can get it over the Black Friday shopping event for $199.

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