Podcast - Bruno Sarda & CDP Are Pulling The World Back From The Brink Of Climate Change Disaster, Part 1

80% of major cities in the world will undergo dramatic climate change by 2050.

Carbon footprints and the environmental targets for 2030 are something we all should be aware of and care about. Bruno Sarda, the US President of CDP is at the forefront of measuring, educating and helping every type of organization through this process so that we exit the process in 2030 with a net positive position. This is maybe the most important conversation about the future we need to have.

Bruno walks us through where we are now, what cities and groups across the globe seem to have got a better handle on it than others and what each of us need to be thinking about. It’ s a two-part podcast because the subject area is so vast and the implications are so wide that it is a vital compass conversation. Think of the recent news that cold, wet London is likely to have the same weather as Barcelona has now by 2050 and you can see why what CDP do and how Bruno thinks is a vital part of our potential futures. 

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