Airport Construction Plans That Could Impact Your Upcoming Travel

There’s possibly nothing worse than arriving at an airport, having done your due diligence to make it there with your standard two-to-three hours of buffer time ahead of your flight, only to see that airport construction is either going to make your drop-off or parking a pain and extensively increase security wait times.

So you can be prepared for all of your upcoming travel, these are some of the busiest U.S. airports currently undergoing construction and what to expect at each of them.


Boston Logan International Airport

Boston Logan International Airport is undergoing significant terminal updates that are expected to last through 2023. Terminal E is expanding by 400,000 square feet. This change will add more gates, dining, and retail, as well as security lanes.

Terminal C is also undergoing renovations, set to be finished by 2021. The Terminal C changes include the additions of new dining and retail options. There will also be a new connection to Terminal B. A new canopy is also being installed on the exterior of Terminal C, above the entrance and exit.

Parking at Boston Logan is likewise being expanded by 5,000 parking spaces, though this change is scheduled to take place further into the overall updates. The parking expansion adds 2,000 spaces to Terminal E parking and 3,000 spaces to the economy parking garage. This is expected to wrap up by summer 2022.

San Francisco International Airport

If you’re traveling through SFO this month, then you already likely know the big construction hullabaloo that’s happening there. So far, hundreds of flights have been delayed or canceled as a result of all the hoopla.

But, if you haven’t heard, SFO has closed one of its major runways (through Sept. 27). As you might expect, closing a major runway at one of the West Coast’s busiest air travel hubs can cause some delays.

The airport announced that it expected the delays would not be over two hours. However, even with the projected average delays of 30 to 45 minutes, that’s a big issue for busy travelers.