BTS Beat Ed Sheeran, Ariana Grande And Even The Rolling Stones When It Comes To Ticket Sales

BTS are one of the most popular musical groups on the planet right now, and that success can be measured by every metric possible. They move albums like few names in the business, they rack up millions of streams when they have new singles out, and they even sell more tickets than some tried-and-true touring champions, and the numbers prove how huge they really are. 

According to Pollstar’s latest Live75, which ranks the bestselling active music tours in the world in the past 30 days, BTS comes out on top, beating some very impressive names, at least in one regard.

The carefully constructed list states that in the past tracking period (this latest edition is dated August 12, so it began just before July 12), BTS sold an incredible 52,176 tickets. What may be even more amazing than the total number of passes sold is the fact that they only performed four shows in that frame—two at the Yanmar Stadium Nagai in Osaka, Japan and two at Shizuoka Stadium in the Japanese city of Shizuoka. 

The report claims that those four shows, which were completely sold out evenings, brought in an average gross of just over $5 million per performance, which is one of the largest sums on the ranking...though when looking at money made, BTS doesn’t win that fight. Instead, the Rolling Stones take the cake, as their shows that took place during the same time period raked in an average gross per concert of just under $11 million, due to the typically high ticket prices.

With over 52,000 tickets sold, BTS comes in above Ed Sheeran (second place, 49,310 tickets sold), the Rolling Stones (third place, 47,021 tickets sold), John Mayer (fourth place, 13,653 tickets sold) and even Ariana Grande (fifth place, 13,509 tickets sold).

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