PowerA’s MOGA Is A Rock Solid Gaming Clip For Xbox Wireless Controllers

The ongoing beta test for Microsoft’s xCloud and the recent launch of Google’s Stadia are the first steps toward the day when premier console and PC games will be playable anywhere, anytime on a smart phone. When that day comes, gaming clips that attach the phone to the controller will be standard gaming accessories. You may have to wait for your invitation to the xCloud beta, but you don’t have to wait for an excellent gaming clip for your Xbox controller. The MOGA clip by PowerA is here and it’s almost everything you want a clip to be.

The MOGA snaps easily onto Xbox wireless controllers without giving the feeling that the clip is being stressed to the point where it might break. If you attach it off center, simply slide the clip to the middle until it clicks into place. The connection between the clip and controller is rock solid.

A cutout on the back of the clip exposes the connect button and charge port on the top of the controller. The front of the clip covers the expansion port on the bottom of the controller but leaves the 3.5mm headphone port uncovered.

A spring-loaded tray holds the phone in place. The sides of the tray have a cutout that gives access to the buttons on the side of the phone. Whether the cut out will line up with the buttons depends on the phone’s make and model. The tray accommodates phones up to 3.12 inches (79mm) wide. It holds my Pixel 3 XL with room to spare.

The MOGA has two articulation points that let you position the phone wherever you want. PowerA claims this dual system allows for more than 220 degrees of articulation. Each articulation point is adjusted with two knurled knobs on either side of the clip. The phone is held in place with no slippage when the knobs are tightened down.

The only feature missing from the MOGA is a fold out stand that helps hold a loaded controller upright when it rests on a table. The controller will tip over backward when a phone is attached unless the phone is held in a fairly upright position over the controller.

The MOGA is an excellent gaming clip. It’s sturdy, highly adjustable and very well designed. The phone is held securely and the controller with a phone attached feels solid in your hands. The lack of a fold-out stand is a negative but it’s a small one. If you have an Xbox with a wireless controller and you have or are waiting for an invite to the xCloud beta, the MOGA is a very good investment.

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