Tchami On His New Single 'Rainforest' And His Label, 'Confession'

Future house music producer Tchami, whose real name is Martin Joseph Léonard Bresso, released his latest track "Rainforest” last week. Bresso also released an accompanying music video alongside the single, which has a summer vibe  and lighthearted beat for fans to dance to.  

“Rainforest” is the second track the French artist has released this year, and it came out on his label CONFESSION. The imprint launched in 2016 and has since released tracks by numerous acclaimed artists, such as Malaa, Mercer, AC Slater and Dombresky. 

“I wanted to create a platform for other artists,” Bresso says of why he started CONFESSION. “I wanted to create something that I didn’t have when I was beginning to release music—something interesting in my line of field, house music. Something for the artists.” 

The label has evolved since its inception, growing from releasing just singles to releasing EPs and compilations, as well as hosting label parties around the world for large events, such as Miami Music Week. Prior to launching CONFESSION, Bresso was one of the founding members of the Pardon My French collective. The collective was formed in 2017 with French house music producers DJ Snake, Mercer and Malaa. 

“On Pardon My French (PMF) I would say this: we are all from the same tree as equals,” Bresso says. “Every branch started to grow with the help of each other and still is to this day. But PMF is just a brand—our roots go way beyond this. It is way more powerful. But like every tree, you have to take care of it to see it come to fruition. There are constant efforts behind the scenes. We collaborate in ways people don’t imagine. It’s all about the energy everyone gives into this collective that will define its future.”

Bresso also works with Malaa outside of Pardon My French, as the duo performs together for their NO REDEMPTION project where the stage and visual graphics are designed to portray a hell and church aesthetic. Bresso, who often performs in clothes that resemble a priest outfit, represents the church side of the act while Malaa, who always DJs with a ski mask over his face, represents the hell part. 

“We knew we could create something that would sit between our musical worlds,” Bresso says. “For the record, I have been touring with a church-based theme since 2015 and I wanted to upgrade the aesthetic of it for the NO REDEMPTION tour.”

As for what’s next: “I’ve been working hard these past months to bring to my fans the best music I’ve ever created,” Bresso says. “It is a constant battle between the sound that I’ve been known for and where I want to go.”

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