Five Fixes Anthem’s Cataclysm Needs To Keep Building Momentum

I am currently enjoying Anthem’s Cataclysm event a decent amount, and it’s something that’s going to tide me over for a few weeks until Borderlands 3 gets here, at least. We’ll see if it sparks some big Anthem resurgence (which I doubt), but many players are having fun with it, and that’s good enough for now, and a better spot than we’ve seen the game in for months now.

Anything I enjoy enough to play, I enjoy enough to critique, and I think there are some improvements that could be made to the current Catacylsm/the state of Anthem in general. I’d love to see some of these implemented in the next few weeks if BioWare can manage it.

1. Put All The New Gear In The Loot Pool Now

I really, really am against the timegating of all the new gear, spreading it out over eight weeks. We should at least have the chance to see new drops in the wild as we play, rather than having all the new gear restricted to rotating Warchests alone. The Warchests can stay, as they’re a way to target farm certain items, which is great. But we should be able to at least say, drop a Masterwork support item now instead of waiting four weeks for it to show up in the store. This will not ruin farming in any capacity, it will just make the grind more enjoyable since everything we get won’t be a repeat of months-old gear, minus Warchests.

2. Make Warchests Class-Specific

While I play almost all my javelin classes pretty equally, I know that is not the case for most people. You (now) only get loot for your current javelin while playing in the wild, so why are Warchests giving out random loot for all four classes? It took me probably 25 melee warchests to even get a single masterwork for my Colossus. Meanwhile I have four legendary melee weapons for my Interceptor and none for anyone else. You should be able to pick which class you’re farming for. Again, I see no downside to this other than alleviating frustration.

3. Drop Loot For Players Not In Activities

This sounds weird when I say it out loud, but part of the Cataclysm is getting at least some members of your team to run around finding secret orbs for points while other people are doing the actual challenges. In the grand scheme, both are equally important. But the secret finders can end up getting screwed if they don’t get to the activity before it’s done (some can be finished in about a minute), or in the worst case, they miss the entire final boss encounter, and all the loot that drops from her. This may be in place to prevent AFKing, but in practice, it penalizes the most dedicated secret finders, and cuts scores short because on a team that doesn’t communicate, you have no idea if the boss is going down in 30 seconds or five minutes.

4. Get Rid Of This New +5 Power System

I have yet to hear any explanation as to why all the new gear is +5 power while all the old gear is not. This system makes no sense to me, and only serves to unbalance the numbers in your loadout in a way that looks really annoying. And if you’re going for pure gearscore, it’s forcing you to use gear and weapons that you may not want just because they’re new, and for no other reason. I have zero idea why this system was implemented, and either raise up old gear or knock down new gear to get rid of this differential.

5. It’s Time To Be Able To Craft Legendaries

It’s time, we need the ability to craft legendaries somehow. It could be the least generous system in the world, and yet it still needs to exist. Like every 100 Masterworks you dismantle, you get to craft 1 legendary. Even if that legendary is a totally random type from a totally random class, it would at least be something (though targeted would be nice). This would serve as an effective form of bad luck protection and use for crafting which has been pointless for anything but consumables since the game launched.

Those are my ideas. Do you have any of your own?

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