‘Fortnite’ Leak Reveals Season 10 Secret Legendary Skin, Visitor Volta

Every season of Fortnite has a secret legendary skin, and this time, everyone kind of knew what it would be. For the hidden Zero Point challenge, we now have a leak for Visitor Volta, a return to the famed Visitor who kicked off all the events on the Fortnite map the past 6-7 seasons with his arrival in the meteorite pod.

The skin has leaked online via @Lucas7Yoshi and others, and here’s a full look at him in-game:

As you can see, this is a beefier, war-machine-like Visitor, complete with new blade arm, and he has selectable styles you can choose from, in addition to a rocket cape back bling that looks rather rad.

I am still trying to puzzle out exactly how he’s unlocked, but it seems there may be an upcoming list of challenges to unlock him that are Visitor themed, asking you to do things like touch the cube or visit his old meteor pod. I still am not sure if these challenges unlock the skin itself, or styles for the skin, as it’s a fairly easy list, which would make this one of the easier challenges to complete for one of these secret legendary skins.

If past seasons are any indication, Visitor Volta should go live in the next week or two and presumably you will need to own the battle pass to get him, though again with these challenges, I’m not sure how this is going to work, as it seems different than past seasons.

Today, we saw that The Visitor is building up what appears to be a new rocket launch pad in Dusty Divot, the rocket being what cracked open the sky and caused the rift that essentially led to the events of the past six seasons. What would a second rocket do? There’s speculation that this one may not blow up in the air, and may end up nuking the map for a total reset going forward. It would explain this kind of “victory lap” Epic is doing with the current map, going through all the old zones (which are being pulled from the past thanks to The Visitor’s beacons).

Epic is always trying to top itself, so no, I would not put it past them to have Visitor Volta blow up the entire map at the end of this season. But that’s also been predicted for a while now (the volcano will destroy the map! The monster will destroy the map!) and it hasn’t happened yet, so who knows.

It’s a cool skin. More details on how to acquire it soon when it gets a little less confusing.

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