‘Fortnite’ Season 10, Week 7: Where To Find The Hidden Battle Star In The Loading Screen

Fortnite has another loading screen lined up for week 7 of season 10 here, and it’s kind of a weird one. It’s a pool party with fish monster skins and one of the new almost-default entries, and yet again, has nothing to do with a larger story of the season, as these loading screens have in the past.

If you’re looking for the hidden battle star in the loading screen, you will not find any coordinates scrawled anywhere for a change. Rather you are zooming in on one thing in particular:

Yes, the taco. It should be no surprise that this hidden battle star is sending us to one of the new rift zone locations for this week, the new giant taco restaurant located at Greasy Grove, which has apparently booted Durrr Burger to the curb.

You do not need to climb the building and get on top of the taco to get the star. Rather, the battle star is going to be inside the restaurant itself. You enter through a door at the front or side (the front one is kind of hidden), and you are looking for a gap in the booths on the front, right part of the store (north east on the map). That’s where the battle star should be when it appears after the third daily challenge this coming Saturday (I hate how these are rolled out now).

Here’s where this is on the map if that helps you out.

This week, we saw the Visitor Volta skin leak, which should be the secret legendary skin for this season. In the past, we have seen the secret legendary skins make appearances in these loading screens, but that hasn’t happened this season, and unlike past seasons, you don’t need to complete full weeks of challenges to get either the loading screen or unlock the Visitor. Though I’m still not quite sure how he is going to be unlocked.

This week’s challenges are all team-based and kind of terrible, so you will probably want this bonus battle star to help you with your progress in case you want to skip most of the challenges this week. Lord knows I don’t have time for duos or squads with strangers these days.

See you at the Taco shop, we can have a forced dance party.

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