‘The Division 2’ Is Getting Some Major, Necessary Changes To Its Loot

This fall will be about the great Destiny V. Borderlands rivalry that a lot of people are going to want to pretend doesn’t exist, but there’s another big loot shooter still around, The Division 2. That game will have its big Episode 2 update that adds the Pentagon soon enough, and this week on State of the Game, there were some pretty massive changes laid out concerning loot in particular.

In short, more loot, more targeted farming of loot. Here’s what’s changing, and I referenced a solid summary from @baundiesel who did a good job with the highlights:

All brand names are now going to have loot in each slot. This will make combining brand bonuses easier, when previously, you had more limits as there were many slots missing specific brands.

Gear sets now only require four pieces for you to get the full bonuses from them. Backpacks and chest pieces will also have a high-end talent on them, which is new. This change is in conjunction with another one which will allow raid-only gear sets to start dropping outside the raid, but not the backpacks and chest pieces (which now have that bonus talent). So this splits the difference, allowing everyone to get “raid” gear but still having some bonuses for those farming the raids themselves.

There are going to be many more named items, 35 in total. Some will require unique achievements by the player, some will drop randomly, some will only come from specific heroic missions or control points. Named items have unique “perfect” talents with them.

There’s a whole slew of changes surrounding targeted loot drops and farming. The map will now display what activities or zones will drop what type of gear or brands of gear so you know what you’re actually going to get going into an activity. This should help solve the problem of The Division 2’s loot pool being so massive that the chances of you getting what you’re actually looking for becomes infinitesimally small. This will also happen for Dark Zone loot, but all of the targeted loot will be contaminated.

There are a lot of changes to crafting and recalibration too. A higher materials cap, and share materials across characters. Once you’re maxed on a material, it will stop dropping altogether (thank god). For recalibration, costs have been lowered and there’s more options on the table, like swapping a blue stat for a yellow stat. Talents can move between brands that they wouldn’t appear on normally, allowing for great customization.

That’s…a lot. And all of it sounds pretty good to me. One of the biggest problems with The Division was its massive loot pool making it hard to target farm almost anything, and these changes should help with that.

I have larger questions about whether in the wake of Borderlands 3 and Destiny 2: Shadowkeep if The Division 2 can do anything to truly get me engaged again, as I really haven’t been since the first raid, but that’s probably a topic for another day. For now, these changes sound great.

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