Why I’m Letting Go Of Destiny 2’s Most Exhausting Grinds

In case you’re new around here, I play a lot of Destiny 2. Less than some, but more than most, as I’ve logged over 1200 hours into D2 across PS4 and PC, and I play enough to have what has effectively turned into a daily column about the game.

And yet the more time goes on, the more I am starting to let go of some of the grindiest aspects of the game. Partially for my mental sanity, partially because in many instances, I’m finding I just…can’t really be bothered.

The loot cycle of Destiny 2 is one that never ends. There will always be more guns, more armor added. More power to gain. But at a certain point, I’m finding I just need to draw the line and say “good enough.”

Here are some of the things I’m letting go of these days:

Absolutely Perfect God Roll Guns

My friend SayNoToRage wants a grenade launcher. Specifically, he wants the Eris Love and Death grenade launcher with Spike Grenades, Field Prep and Full Court, which would make it a high damage, high reserve, boss killing machine.

And yet getting those exact three perks in one roll is nothing short of a lightning strike. I can’t do math, but the odds are extremely stacked against him, and I have watched him farm cores and launcher rolls endlessly to get it, which he hasn’t yet.

I respect his ambition, and yet I’m finding that I just cannot commit to grinds that long and potentially unrewarding. I got a Spike Grenade Full Court launcher in maybe five drops, and now I’m declaring myself done. No Field Prep, but you know what, it’s fine. I can deal with it. That one perk is just not going to be a breaking point for me in any activity, so I’m letting it go, and as such, getting a lot of free hours I would otherwise spend chasing it.

Another example would be the Adhortative pulse rifle from Vex Offensive. I have zero good rolls for it. I’m trying to find a Feeding Frenzy/Rampage or Multikill Clip version, but I haven’t even gotten one Feeding Frenzy roll in several dozen drops through bad luck. And yet…do I care? Really? I have a Feeding Frenzy/Rampage Blast Furnace. An Outlaw/Kill Clip Bygones. An Outlaw/Rampage Go Figure. I have a dozen other options I probably need in the energy slot anyways. So do I really need that exact Adhorative roll? Really? All I need to do is look at my vault at the scores of other “god rolls” I got once upon a time, then have not used for months or years, sticking with just a close cluster of favorite. I’m letting go.

(Some) Crucible Pinnacle Weapons

Generally speaking, the pinnacle/ritual grind is one of my favorites because it has clear objectives with a clear prize at the end. As such, I will get the weapons every single season for the Vanguard and Gambit. But Crucible? That’s a different story.

I’m now telling myself that I’m only going to go for Crucible pinnacle weapons where it doesn’t require me to absolutely hate myself and the game to get there. I love SMGs, I love Scouts, so Recluse and Randy’s were worthwhile. And yet I hate sniping and I hate using grenade launchers in Crucible, so I am not going to kill myself doing something I can’t stand to get Revoker and Mountaintop, even if those are

“better” versions of their respective weapon classes I actually enjoy. I just can’t do 100 games of Fighting Lion Momentum Control, I don’t have it in me.

Maxing Armor

Bungie wanted to turn Tier 10 Masterwork armor into its own kind of grind, but this is one that hasn’t landed for me at all, and is one I don’t want to pursue. Ascendant Shards are practically non-existent in Destiny 2, rewards only from brutally hard and annoying Master Nightfalls and quite literally nothing else.

And I feel like with this being the first iteration of armor 2.0, things are probably going to change anyway at some point, and if Bungie realizes that literally no one is masterworking armor because of a Shards shortage, either they’ll change the system or dump more into the game, making the current grind pointless. This is one instance where the system itself is discouraging me, rather than the lottery system of random rolls.

Pinnacle Power

Again, another system that just doesn’t strike me as motivating to pursue. Before today, the pinnacle power gain system from 950 to 960 was literally broken and impossible. Now it’s a lot easier with +2 drops, and yet I still can’t really find the motivation to care that much if I go up 10 more power levels out of 1000 or so by the end of this season.

Part of that is not knowing what’s to come. If Bungie is about to bump the new cap from 950-960 to 1000-1010 next season, who cares about getting to 960 now when that will be possible probably on day one of the next season? And if it isn’t, and for some weird reason the grind to 960 is permanent, then I see no reason not to take my time and not bother with pinnacle activities I don’t care about. The same goes for the artifact grind because I’m not Bagel and no one is requiring me to gain 45 bonus power that will evaporate at the end of the season. I’ll play the game how I want, but both the endgame pinnacle and artifact grind kind of mean nothing to me or my play experience at this point.

As you can see, I cover a wide range here. Sometimes it’s just personal preference with me learning to live with “good” not “god” rolls, or avoiding Crucible weapons I hate. Sometimes it’s things that Bungie hasn’t made clear or motivating enough to pursue. This is not advice, not really even criticism, it’s just a realization that if I am going to play Destiny indefinitely, I have to let some of the more brutal, unfun, pointless grinds go, and just focus on what I enjoy more. Maybe you need to do that too, I don’t know.

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