Testing Borderlands 3’s New Terror Anointed Legendary Drop Fix

Yesterday, Borderlands 3 rolled out a hotfix to address an issue that I and others have been complaining about for a while now, the fact that the Bloody Harvest Halloween event was consuming the game to a degree that was pretty un-fun.

While ghosts are still around, Gearbox has adjusted the rates of Terror Anointed gear drops. In short, if you get a drop from a ghost, badass ghost or loot ghost, it has a much higher chance of being Terror Anointed. If you get a drop from a normal world enemy or boss, it has a much lower chance of being Terror Anointed, and just regular Anointed.

Between this change and the recent move to make increased Anointed drop rates permanent, I wanted to do some testing. So I went and killed Graveward a bunch of times to see what would happened with this new loot.

This is me, with FL4K, with Lyuda, with the increased loot drop artifact on Mayhem 3.

In 24 runs, I got:

35 legendaries

6 Anointed drops

0 Terror Anointed drops

And when I was looking through green, blue and purple gear, I would say that no more than 1 in every 20 or 30 Anointed drops for those rarities was Terror Anointed, as opposed to say, 9 out of 10 before this hotfix went live.

So in short, yes, this hotfix significantly flipped the switch on Terror drops so they will be more contained to ghost-only enemies. That’s good news.

What I did find kind of weird in this testing however was that…it really didn’t seem like the increased Anointed drop rates were in place. Ever since that “special” week which increased Anointed drop rates, it felt like practically every other legendary was an Anointed drop. But here in testing, that was down to 17%. Maybe I was not estimating the drop rate correctly before, but it sure felt like more than what I saw yesterday when I was testing this. It just felt like the old system where maybe 1 in every 8-10 drops was Anointed. But at least when they did drop, they were not Terror Anointed, which is an overall positive change.

So while the ghosts are here to stay, this also means that if the Maliwan Takedown does arrive before this event ends, that it will not be flooded with Terror drops like the game has been to this point, which is very good news.

Additionally, this patch came with a change to Anointed enemies which makes them no longer immune to cryo damage, which is extremely good news for me and my four Night Hawkins which I used on every character (that gun rips).

Anyway, the fix is good, if not perfect. Get out there and get back to farming. Props to Gearbox for the relatively quick change.

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