New Coffee Table Books That Will Inspire You To Travel

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Typically, coffee-table books have been relegated to real estate staging or a formal living room. It’s time to reimagine the ways these works can transport and transform you, both personally and professionally.

Below are seven of my favorite coffee-table books that have recently been published. While they’re undeniably eye-catching, their beauty goes far beyond mere pictures. One dip into their pages will change the way you look at aspects of your life and your bucket list.

Be prepared to bask in a world of stunning images and equally inspiring narratives.

The Japan Book by Christopher C. Lee

Any businessperson who has implemented lean thinking owes a debt of gratitude to Japan. But how much do you know about The Land of the Rising Sun? In The Japan Book, allow Lee to be your guide as he shares photographs taken while backpacking around the nation. I appreciated discovering a new-to-me culture of people who embrace their rich sense of heritage while remaining forward-thinking in their worldview. I expect you will, too.

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Gray Malin: Italy by Gray Malin

Maybe you’re in need of a mental getaway. Perhaps you’re just out of entrepreneurial gas. Let the pages of Italy tantalize your senses and fuel your fires. Offering breathtaking images, this volume will get your heart pumping—I know it did mine. Who knows? You might even be inspired to build enough wealth to own a little place on the Italian Riviera. This book will make you believe nothing’s impossible, even living part of the time in a sun-bathed Mediterranean oasis.

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Paris by Serge Ramelli

We’ve all had those times when our muse goes on vacation—without us. Having Paris at your fingertips will restore the sparks of your imagination. Photographer Serge Ramelli captures distinctive moments that illuminate Parisian life in unexpected ways. If you’re a visual learner and thinker, you will get much more out of this beautiful work than some much-needed downtime: You’ll get the gift of insight. As for me, when a café au lait in the Marais isn’t in my immediate future, I know I’ll always have Paris.

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Two Wheels South: A Motorcycle Adventure from Brooklyn to Ushuaia by Matias Corea

Are you a vision person who can come up with the big picture but finds it tough to delve into the nitty-gritty? Let Two Wheels South show you not just how to dream big, but to put the dream into motion. Matias Corea describes in detail how his uplifting motorcycle adventure with his friend Joel came to fruition thanks to proper planning—and more than a bit of adaptability. I’m sure you’ll share my admiration for these two cyclists who went on the ultimate road trip.

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Above Maui by Tom Gustafson

Entrepreneurs are often encouraged to get a 30,000-foot view of their business. While Tom Gustafson’s drone camera probably doesn’t get much above 500 feet, the views he shares in Above Maui: Drone Photographs Featuring the Island’s Diverse Regions are illuminating nonetheless. If a restorative Hawaiian vacation isn’t in the immediate cards for you, let Gustafson’s stunning photos take you there. The next time I want to gain some big-picture perspective—or just need a little soul-soothing natural beauty—I’ll be cracking open my copy of Above Maui.

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